Rotary draw bending

The most common tube bending methodology is Rotary Draw Bending. It gives the machinist complete control over the resulting bend, which is why Rotary Draw Bending is also the most precise bending method. Using Rotary Draw Bending, we can repeatedly produce high quality bends- even with thin-walled tubes and very small radius of turns (even below 1D).


Rotary Draw Bending is the most complex form of bending and requires a toolset to execute. The tube is held by the clamp and pressure die, and rotated around the bend die. A mandrel and wiper support the inside and outside of the tube and help prevent wrinkles or flattening. The basic set of tools is therefore the Mandrel, Wiper die, Bend die, the Clamp die and the Pressure die.

For more information on this bending method and the tools required to perform Rotary Draw Bending, please read through the rest of our bending guide.