Customer Testimonials

I really really appreciate all the hard work to get these pushed out!!! Rockstars!

Thanks for the turn OMNI-X. Our customer will be happy. Happy customers come back.

Thank You Scott. You guys are awesome...

I would like to thank everybody on the Omni-X team for their outstanding work pulling this back from the brink of disaster! Scott delivered the tool on time at 19:00 hrs and production commenced at 19:30. Thanks to your commitment we will avoid a shutdown tomorrow morning by making our scheduled shipment of 350 parts.
Again a big THANK YOU from [our] team to the Omni-X team!! Your outstanding customer service will be remembered.

Seth, I wanted to thank you and your team one more time for turning around our tooling so quickly. I was on the fence whether it was a good idea to drive the tools out or simply ship them, but looking back it was the right choice. We are back up and running after only a two day shut down. With your teams quick turn around I was able to get on the road early, and get back home before 1:00 AM!
Thanks again,

You and your crew are awesome! Please pass along this to the staff at Omni-x.

The mandrel came in on schedule. The mandrel was unexpectedly assembled and ready to go. I commend you and those that made this delivery happen. The mandrel was on the machine before 11:00 am and the job was complete, on schedule before 2:00 pm. Your efforts played a big role in making that happen.

I thank you for the quick response on my bid request. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to work with a company that actually wants to take care of customers. I assure you we will be buying from you.

Thanks!!!! You guys are the best!!

You are amazing. Everything looks correct and price looks great. I will let you know by 3:00 I will have a PO. All the guys in the shop prefer Omni-X I just wanted you to know that. Thank You for the quick response. I am sure you will get the PO.