Setting the Wiper Die

Just as the setup of the mandrel is important for successful bending, so is the setup of the wiper die.

The basic steps for correct setting of the wiper die:

1. Fix the tube into the jaws of the clamp die and the pressure die
2. Make sure that the tube is really gripped in the clamp and die
3. Gently position the wiper die, so that the tip touches the clamp die and the tube (do not use unnecessary force)
4. Position the base of the wiper die about 1 degree from the tube
5. Move the wiper die to the holder. Check the position of the wiper die and check that machine is moving freely, especially during large angle bends

Release the tube, measure the distance between the end and the axis of the Clamp die, and compare with the table of recommended distances. This table is sent with the wiper die. The actual measurement can differ from the value on the table, but this shouldn't affect the quality of the bend.

Similar to the mandrel setup, it is import to note that the aforementioned setup is basic and it is necessary to fine-tune it based on your observations of the bend. Never set the end of the wiper die at the axis of the clamp die. This will result in a broken wiper die.