Industries Served

Although many tubes go unnoticed throughout the day, bent tubes are an integral part of our daily lives. Our tools have touched thousands of tubes around the world. Here are some of the main industries that bend with our tools.


Space & Aircraft

The space and aircraft industry demands excellent tools for precise and flawless bends. We are able to meet or exceed the requirements of this demanding industry by providing top quality tools. We often must design tools for very difficult bending on exotic materials such as inconel, titanium and their different alloys.



Our largest customers are found in the automotive industry. These customers require tools that can meet the demands of high volume bending as they manufacture exhaust systems for cars, utility cars and lorries. Our tools are also used for for bending hydro-formed parts and the tubes required for air conditioning systems within vehicles.



The ship-building sector requires large toolsets that can produce precise bends on tubes with incredibly large diameters. For this reason, they also use custom bending machines to support these types of bends. OMNI-X not only manufactures toolsets for large diameter tubes, but also cooperates with the specialized bending machine manufacturers, to ensure the tools will properly fit.



The energy sector primarily uses our tools for the production of heat exchangers. We supply bending tools to the companies that provide the exchangers to the atomic power stations.


Heating & Cooling

The heating and cooling industry requires tools that can bend a wide range of tube sizes. Some units require tubes with very small diameters, while others are very large. In this sector, we produce tools for air conditioning manufacturers and companies making different elbow-pipes. 



The furniture requires precise bends so that their products look great in homes and offices throughout the world. We provide the furniture industry with tools that can bend many different shapes of tubes, since they often use non-round tubes in their designs.