Tool Setup and Longevity

Wear and tear during bending is a function of the interaction between the tube and the tools that support it during the bending process. 

It is important to maintain the tools in order to reduce wear and tear as much as possible. Proper handling and maintenance will help extend the lifetime for each tool.

Unfortunately, sometimes a tool's lifespan is shorter than we expected. Although determining the cause of a shortened tool life is specific to each individual case, the main contributing factors can be divided into the following four areas. Please click on the links below for additional information.

  • The setup of the tools
  • Lubricating the tools
  • The operation of the tools
  • The proper material and quality of the tubes

If any of these factors are neglected or executed carelessly, the longevity of the tools can suffer greatly. As with any tool, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly in order to reach their optimal lifespan. 

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