Tube Bending Tools
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To ensure you always get a good bend, it is critical to select and properly use the correct set of tools for the job.

Bend Die Clamp Die Pressure Die Standard-Mandrel Wiper-Die-Insert Collet
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There are many applications for shaping the tube ends.

End-Forming-IO End-Forming-C-Reducing-Jaws-with-Accessories End-Forming-C-Expanding

OMNI-X CZ, s.r.o. is a private company producing bending tools for tube moulding. The company was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of OMNI-X Inc. during a time of rapid expansion of industrial production in the Czech Republic and the surrounding regions. After first year of flourishing cooperation with our customers was our original plan – supplying simple tools (mandrels, wiper dies) manufactured in our home company in the USA – changed according to motto: “If we want to be a success on the EU market with such a potential and diversity, we have not to only sell, but also design and produce all the tools in Europe”.
Having implemented small production in Brno and marketing survey of Czech and close European markets, management decided to extend the production and tool menu up to the present form, when our company competes for the position to be one of the leading supplier for bending tools in Europe.

06.12.2021 / Annoucement to customers

With effect from 1.1.2022 we are forced to adjust our price lists.

26.03.2020 / OMNI-X Remains Open Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

OMNI-X has been classified as an "essential business" to the United States manufacturing supply chain and will stay open during these uncertain times.

Vast Engineering Team

We have experienced engineering teams at each facility to design the highest quality tools to meet your demands.

Ten Languages

Across the four plants, our team can speak over ten languages and want to help you in your preferred language.

Four Countries

Our manufacturing facilities are in four countries so that we can service your region quickly and efficiently.

Worldwide Coverage

We distribute our tools to manufacturers across the globe

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