Wiper Die

The function of the Wiper Die is to mitigate crinkling on the inner radius of the tube bend. It is used primarily in tubes with relatively thin walls and smaller bend radii.

Due to the ever-growing requirements for shapes and requests for thinner and thinner walls, the wiper die is regularly used in almost all bending kits.

Similar to mandrels, the correct setup and materials used in the production of the Wiper Die are very important. Usually the same material will be used for both the mandrel and the wiper die.



Squarebacks are usually used for small series or one-off production. It is also used for more complicated applications, where the rigidity and stiffness of the wiper die are critical considerations.


Wiper die holder + Insert

This type of wiper die is made in two parts, with a holder and insert. This type of wiper configuration is mostly used in large scale production. The advantage is that you can easily replace the tip of the wiper without requiring a new holder as well. The disadvantage is that there is a lower stiffness compared to the squareback wiper die.