Guide to Tube Bending

Bending is usually considered to be a technology for shaping flat items, but is also the primary and most common technology for shaping tube parts.

The volume of bent parts found in manufacturing is constantly growing due to continuous innovation, and particularly because of new technologies (CNC, CAx, etc).

This technology now allows us to produce very complicated parts, that were either impossible or very difficult to achieve before.


There are many methods which allow us to bend tubes in modern industry.

The four most common methodologies include: Rotary Draw Bending, Compression Bending, Press or Ram Bending and Roll Bending.

Other less common methodologies include: Stretch Forming, Freeform Bending, Push Bending or Laser Bending.

Choosing the best methodology depends primarily on the attributes item to be bent, the required quality, and the volume of production, among other factors.