The single-purpose segmented shaping tool is marked with a "C" or an "R" and is used for reducing the diameter of the tube.

The complete set contains an outer collet, a gripping adapter and a cone. This type of tool contains only external collets. This means that it is possible to put pressure the shaped area from the outside, which allows us to reduce the diameter of the tube

Jaws C-Reducing


Jaws with Accessories

The collets are produced in two variants with 6 or 8 segments and with different angles of the fixed section. The cone-shaped section of the individual segments of the collet must be the same size as the cone shape of the fixed barrel. That's why we recommend ordering both components together


Arbor C-Reducing


Arbor with attachments

The clamping adapter is made up of several connected parts, which form an insert for the collet. The basic element is a rubber ring with 6 or 8 functional elements which serves to stretch the collet. Then using the machine piston the collet then moves into the shape of a cone. In this way the collet is closed to the required diameter



Cone C-Reducing
Guiding barrel

This is an independent unit, which is connected to the shaping machine. The fixed barrel is produced with an inner cone-shape, which corresponds to the angle of the cone on the outer collet. We recommend ordering this component with the collet assembly and clamping adapter to ensure that the all the components are compatible